Kenwood Forest Safeway, 5000 Bradley Ave. Bethesda, MD.



The old Safeway store, built in the 1950ís was razed for the construction of a new 43,097 s.f., two-story building.  The store includes a one-story below ground parking area with entrances from Arlington Boulevard and Bradley Avenue.

Project Highlights

GC&T provided a full array of services for the project including:


(i)              The preparation of a Pre-Construction Conditions Survey covering adjacent residential buildings;


(ii)                Geotechnical Engineering Consultation Services during demolition of the store, including Vibration and Sound Level Monitoring to evaluate the levels of vibration generated during demolition and construction, and its possible effect on the adjacent structures;


(iii)              Construction Materials Testing and Inspection services that included field and laboratory soils and concrete testing during construction;


(v)                Structural Steel inspection that included inspection of the sufficient number of bolted connections, visual inspection of field-applied welds, and field erection of steel frame for plumbness and level.

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